2015 and yeah, 2015.

Now it's already 2015.
I'm going to be 28 in 10 months.
Not that I'm anticipating that, but it will come eventually.

So, yeah, 2014 was full of lessons.
But there wasn't any drama.
Oh yeah, except one. But it wasn't really my drama
though I was too, affected because of it.
Fucking selfish people are everywhere.

I think I'll get back to writing, because
no one really stayed long enough to listen
what's really in my mind and my heart.

So these are the lesson I've learned in 2014.

1. Being selfish is going to make people hate you.
Especially when it's going to affect them.

2. Never try to make friends through online sites
if you're ugly and fat even though you're convinced that you
have a big heart. Some shallow bastards can never be stopped, really.

3. People aren't much help with depressions.
Find your way out. Stop talking about it, but don't keep
it lingering in your mind. Run, read, travel, shop, or do
whatever you think will help. It's about willpower.

4. When you reach certain age, you will start to appreciate
things that once were not important, like every cent you gave out
for people, it will come back to you or every single care you give
out to people, it will come back right when you absolutely need it.

5. It's fine to fall in love every time you see
people who are attractive, like in a coffee shop,
or on the bus, but only if you're single. You cannot
hold that love you have so much by yourself.

6. Do everything to please your parents.
That's one of the reasons why you live.

So yeah, that's about it. I didn't really learn anything last year.
2014 was a tough year I'm going to remember
it for the rest of my life.
The year where I worked my ass off to pay for life.
The year where I abandoned everything that makes me
happy just to please people.

I'm not going to expect anything this year,
but yeah, I'll try to be happy once in awhile.

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